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Top 10 - Best Coffee 2005

Top 10 - Best Comfort Food 2005

Top 10 - Best Date Spot 2005

Top 10 - Best Dessert 2005

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CoffeeNet originated in 2003.  In the back of an Atlanta Kinko's two friends were working on a consulting project late in to the night.  Each secretly wished that they had stopped by Starbucks prior to the meeting.  Finally, as the last bit of caffeine left their systems, Vanessa Ram and Leigh Bray, each cried out, "Would it not be great if there was a place where you could be productive and yet enjoy great coffee!"

Now four years later after helping two coffee shops based upon the work-play concept come to life, Team CoffeeNet is bringing you the best: Best practices, best resources, best coffee shops across the world.

Look to CoffeeNet as your resource to help independent coffee houses be the best places on earth.