We have placed in this store our best campaigns.  We are making them available in a variety of sizes as well as with the ability to customize. Click the links for more details.







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Printing Suggestions:

  Color Laminate Mount on Foam Board
Inside Wall Opt Lam N
Window Color N N
Menu Boards Color Opt Yes
Outside Color Lam N - Check vinyl banner options as well
  Any color printer can print these posters if you change the paper handling option from None to Tile large pages.  The first screen shot on the right show this pull down menu.

The second screen shot shows some of the options you will also want to adjust.  We like an overlap of at least .25 inches.  Overlapping will reduce reliance on perfect cutting. As long as you are handy with a glue you are ready to print your poster.  We often still went and had the glued poster laminated or foam mounted.





CoffeeNet Rules of Sign Advertising:

  1. Rotate or highlight signage often.

  2. Images must be crisp and neat.  Check your resolution.  Web resolution -72 dpi is horrible for printing - needs to be at least 150 dpi or higher.

  3. Make sure they are largest enough to read or see from a distance. (At least 200 pt for font)

  4. Spelling must be correct.

  5. Season promotions are only for a season.  Christmas signs need to be down by Valentines day!!!! Take advantage of Christmas to sell winter drinks, gift ideas, etc.

  6. Avoid putting prices unless it is needed for the promotion. This could date your ad.  You want to use it more than just one time.

  7. Make sure all personnel is versed in the promotion and can talk glowingly about it. Nothing kills a sale faster than a lackluster half hearted delivery.  Get your staff excited and involved.

Advertising Budget:


If you have a digital camera with at least 5 megapixels of resolution you can shoot some high quality images. You will only have to worry about printing them.  I suggest printing in sizes of 24x36 and bigger.  These can be seen from the parking lot. Kinkos prints on foam board color starting at $10 per square foot --24x36 is 6 feet --$60 for full color print.  If they laminate it you can use the promotion again.


You can buy images  online -starting at low as $1.00 or even look at our stock campaigns.  Remember printing needs a higher resolution.




Stop by your local Barnes and Nobles or franchised coffee chain.  Look at their posters and promotion ideas.  This will give you an idea of what you should do too.